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2014... A Recap of the Year

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 2014 was a year full of changes and growth for both me and Fused!

As this was my second year, I wanted to take the business forward and really push the boat away from the dock so to speak. I attended many shows that I had not been to before and for the most part The Fused Line was well received. This year also saw the birth of Bat-Fish Studio.
The Studio came into existence because as my business has expanded & grown, I needed to have an umbrella organization for all the product lines to live under...so Bat-Fish Studio was born.

The studio is the home of: 

A 'green line' and is excited to be carried at the following outlets: Oscar & Libby on Fort St Victoria, Fan Tan Gallery on Fisgard St. Victoria, Hairworx in Sidney & Eclectic Ave in Duncan.

Baby Boss Rules:
A line of edgy baby wear, featuring original screened artwork & dynamic designs. Punk Monkey, Planet Warrior & Baby Buddha Bliss live here.

The League of Extraordinary Designers:
An organization developed to profile Designers & Artisans who work within the mediums of up-cycled & re-purposed materials. Offering a showcase platform, mentor-ship to young designers and multimedia communications providing support & resource sharing worldwide.

2014 saw Fused attending many outdoor markets and festivals in Victoria, Sidney and Parksville. Starting out the year with all roads leading to Mecca with a studio sale in a friends house, Fused was also at three Vintage shows, one in Parksville & the spring & fall shows here in Victoria. In the summer we were weekly at the Wednesday Market in Sidney and weekends in Market Square in Victoria. Fused also attended the Annual Creatively United for the Planet Festival celebrating the vibrate up-cycling movement alive and well in Victoria!

Tube* Bella was launched here and received very well!  Eclectic Ave in Duncan generously gave us a full window display for the month of September. This is a great little store full fabulous vintage treasures located in the heart of historical Duncan, if you are in the neighborhood please drop and say Hi to Sarah!  Fused was at Oakland's very successful community market (thanks Alex!) and attended our first Gay Pride Festival...lots of fun! 

I was fortunate to start out the year taking a 3 day screening course with Andy MacDougall of Squeegeeville just outside Cortney on Vancouver Island, there is nothing that Andy doesn't know about silk screening and I learned a lot!

This year I also attended the fourth annual World Domination Summit held in Portland. Coming from the point of view of " How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?" it was a very inspiring 3 days! I went thinking it would be full of a Americans with a few Canadians, but I was amazed at how many people had come from all over the world to attend this important conference.  Australia, New Zealand, Israel, India and all of Europe! I wanted to present the idea of The League of Extraordinary Designers to this group and was amazed at the positive feedback that I received! It gave me the courage to return and make it a reality.

So November 14, 2014 saw the Launch of the League of Extraordinary Designers in a fabulous warehouse event here in Victoria. It was the first, profiling local artisans whose work is made from up-cycled or re-purposed materials producing beautiful finished objects d'art for resale. It was well attended and well received!

And that was how the year went...I continue to experiment with packaging options for Singe Exquisite & the Tube*Bella line went through a major facelift this year. New funky packaging and a new line of gorgeous pendants...(pictures coming!) A new product 'Tippets'...Change...growth....pushing outside our comfort zone....It's all good.

So as we look to 2015, I love this time of year, a new start, endless potential. I wanted to start off this year remaining open, for myself and for my business. Open to all the great possibilities the universe has available to us.

Thank you for everyone who supports and believes in The Fused Line and Bat-Fish Studios. I love talking to you at the markets, at festivals and in the studio. You inspire me. xo

Watch out 2015....Fused is on it's way!! New products and expanded lines...

Tracy xox



Starting a Fused webpage....

tracy yerrellComment

This is very exciting and way overdue...finally a website for my wonderful Fused Clothing & accessories line! Fused is really a labour of love for me, it is up-cycling at it's best, providing me with the constant challenge of coming up with new & innovative ideas to use post consumer waste and then producing a finished product that is impressive & unique!

Fused Clothing is my line of reworked garments that has been altered or edited in some way giving them a new lease on life. Using my original designs I alter the the pieces by either silk screening images onto them or embellishing them in some fashion or both. Each piece speaks to me & tells me how it should be transformed, there is no formula, only magic. Each item is respectfully reworked, redone & remade resulting in the creation of wearable art.

The two accessory lines: Tube* Bella Jewelry and Singe Exquisite are typical examples of what happens when we look at the same materials but see something in a completely different way.  Utilizing fabric samples from the upholstery industry, Singe Exquisite was created, these one of a kind creations are a great example of what can be done with a 'waste' product.

Tube*Bella jewelry is made from the inner tubes of bicycle tires...it's true! Look how beautiful these earrings are, you would never think that is the basic ingredients for this line. But it works wonderfully and I get extreme pleasure from people's reaction when I tell them that yes, indeed that is an old bicycle inner tube it's made from!  I love it!!

Thinking outside the box from the way we perceive what products should be made from, to what other products can be made from this? To understand how and why and becoming aware of the multitude of options available to us through innovative applications, is exciting and fun. But more than that, it's smart, it's the way of the future, and it's our job as designers to be on the cutting edge of this concept, making something 'new' from something 'old'. How cool is that!?

Sometimes doing things the same way, just because they have always been done that way, is no longer a good enough reason. As a designer I believe it is my responsibility to come up with interesting, thought provoking, innovative solutions for the increasing amount of post consumer "waste" that is being generated daily.

Fused is reclaiming, reusing and renewing, pulling on existing resources to breath life into items on their way to the landfill, all we need is awareness, vision and of course....imagination!