Fused...the binocular fusion of fashion

a dynamic blend of altered, edited, upcycled clothing & accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make everything by hand?

Well because the mandate of Fused is to work with products that have had a previous life as something else, that's a tricky question! But yes we are very hands on here, creating beautiful things by screening, altering,  designing and assembling, it is all produced by local artisans.


What is Bat-Fish Studio & how does it relate to the Fused line?

Bat-Fish Studio is the umbrella company. The Fused line and it's sister company Baby Boss Rules exist under the Bat-Fish Banner.


Does Fused source everything locally?

Yes, part of the Fused mandate is to work with existing local produced post consumer waste & up-cycle it into something wonderful. So great care in taken to source out local interesting bits and bubbles, lace & trim, and various other pieces of whimsical paraphernalia that will create a fresh and unique finished product! 


Is there a real Bat-Fish?

Yup, you bet!  He lives on my wall, in the studio, in a extraordinary custom made shadow treebox! We speak frequently...he is a good listener.


Do you make custom clothing?

Yes & No!  The clothing Fused deals with already exists, it becomes a custom piece when it is altered and made into something new!