Fused...the binocular fusion of fashion

a dynamic blend of altered, edited, upcycled clothing & accessories

'The Fused Line'

a binocular fusion of fashion

showcasing a dynamic blend of vintage, altered, edited clothing & accessories

'Fused' mandate is to create beautiful things, working with up-cycled & re-purposed materials

finishing with pieces that are polished, unique & creatively stunning

   ...going on to become one of kind wearable art.

Fused on the cat-walk

Fused on the cat-walk

Exquisite Singed Exquisite

Tube*Bella Pendants

Tube*Bella Pendants

Beautiful Things

This collection of striking 'green' merchandise was conceived as a creative out source of using post consumer waste, resulting in a stunning up-cycled line.

Style & Quality

Up-cycled items often have both a better quality and a higher environmental value than they had in their original state! What else makes up-cycled items so desirable?

They are created with innovation and creativity!

With up-cycling, an item is no longer being used for its intended purpose, but is re-purposed - given a new purpose - and along with this new purpose, it is also given an increase in value, both aesthetically and monetarily.

It is worth more in its new form.

Why up-cycling?

"Up-cycling is designed to work in opposition to consumer culture, encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods. It also benefits the environment by promoting reuse over discarding whenever possible."

β€œThe world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation.”
— Albert Einstein

Lovingly Handmade & Reworked

All the pieces in the Fused line have been lovingly made by hand or reworked in some way to produce the distinctive final products in these categories.

In this Collection

  • Fused Clothing

  • Tube*Bella Jewellery

  • Singe Exquisite

Fused Clothing- a line of reworked clothing that has been altered or edited in some way giving it a new lease on life. Using my original designs the garments  are altered either by silk screening images onto them or embellishing in some fashion. Each piece speaks to me & tells me how it should be transformed, there is no formula, only magic. Each item is respectfully reworked, redone & remade into a unique elements of wearable art.

Singe Exquisite - a line of fascinators created from the incredible fabrics found in upholsterers sample books. They can be worn in the hair, on a hat or your lapel, a beautiful addition to any women's arsenal of gorgeous accessories.

Tube*Bella - Jewelry with "inner" style! This product is indeed made from the inner tubes of old bicycle tires, reworked & up-cycled into beautiful post consumer merchandise. Jewelry that has "been around the block"....literally!

Pretty Tube*Bella Earrings